Here’s a list of places where you can buy supplies for your kegerator:

  1. Local Appliance Stores: Visit your local appliance or home improvement stores, such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Best Buy. They often carry kegerators and some kegerator accessories.
  2. Online Retailers:
    • Amazon: Amazon offers a wide selection of kegerators, kegging equipment, cleaning supplies, and more.
    • eBay: You can find both new and used kegerators and accessories on eBay, often at competitive prices.
    • A specialized online retailer offering a comprehensive range of kegerator supplies, from kegs to CO2 tanks and draft equipment.
  3. Homebrew Supply Stores: Local or online homebrew supply shops, such as Northern Brewer, MoreBeer, or, are excellent sources for kegerator components, including kegs, faucets, and CO2 equipment.
  4. Beverage Distributors: Some beverage distributors or wholesalers may sell kegerators and keg-related accessories. Check with distributors in your area for availability.
  5. Specialty Kitchen Appliance Stores: Stores specializing in kitchen appliances and equipment may carry kegerators and some associated supplies.
  6. Local Breweries or Brewpubs: Some local breweries or brewpubs sell kegerator components, especially kegs and CO2 tanks, or they might be able to recommend local suppliers.
  7. Homebrew Clubs and Forums: Connect with local homebrewing clubs or online brewing forums. Members often share information on where to buy kegerator supplies and may offer recommendations.
  8. Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace: You can find used kegerators and related equipment on classified websites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Ensure you inspect the items thoroughly before purchasing.
  9. Restaurant Supply Stores: Some restaurant supply stores carry commercial-grade kegerators and draft equipment. They may also have cleaning supplies and CO2 tanks.
  10. Local Hardware Stores: Visit your neighborhood hardware store for certain kegerator components, like gas lines, regulators, and fittings.
  11. Brewery Equipment Suppliers: Companies that supply equipment to breweries may also offer kegerator components. They often sell high-quality, durable products.
  12. Big-Box Retailers: Retailers like Walmart and Costco sometimes carry kegerators, especially during certain seasons or as part of their appliance inventory.

Remember to compare prices and read reviews when shopping for kegerator supplies to ensure you get the best value and quality for your money. Additionally, check for any warranties or return policies when making your purchases, especially for more significant items like kegerators.

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