Build Your Man Cave For Less Through Marketplace

  1. Set up alerts – You can get notifications every time an item you’re interested in gets posted by going to “Settings” then “Notifications” and turning on “Recommendations” and “Items for You.” This way you’ll be one of the first to see good deals.
  2. Search regularly – Check Marketplace frequently, even a few times a day if you’re looking for something specific. New items get posted all the time, so you have to keep looking to catch the best deals.
  3. Act fast – Popular or well-priced items go quickly on Marketplace. If you see something you want for a good price, don’t hesitate to contact the seller right away before someone else snags it.
  4. Check at key times – More people tend to post new listings on weekends or around holidays, yard sale season, and the end of months when people are cleaning out. Check more often during peak listing times.
  5. Search locally – Deals on nearby items can be better since you can inspect the item and avoid shipping costs. Focus your searches within a close radius.
  6. Negotiate – Don’t be afraid to make an offer lower than the listed price, especially if the item has been up for a while. Many sellers expect negotiation.
  7. Search broadly – Look not only for the exact item you want but similar/related items. You may find something even better or less expensive.
  8. Use filters – Narrow searches using filters like price, location and keywords to hone in on the best bargains.
  9. Check seller profiles – Read reviews and see what else reputable sellers have available for other possible deals. can you give me one more tip
  10. Be open to used items – Don’t rule out lightly used items in good condition. You can often find the same product for a fraction of retail price if someone is selling it used. Just thoroughly inspect photos and description. Meeting up to check out the item can ensure it’s still in great shape before purchasing. Some of the biggest savings are on gently used products.
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